Work – Life Balance – Tranquil Style

What does work life balance really mean? At Tranquil Clinical Research we want our employees to know we appreciate them and that means giving them time to do the things they love outside of work. We give our employees a minimum of 16 PTO days, 10 public holidays and give bonus PTO days. We cherish our employees so much that we insist upon them taking their vacation time and spending time away for work. Health and well being requires plenty of paid downtime to do the things you want to do. When our employees travel late on a Friday, we buy their entire immediate family dinner Saturday or Sunday. When they work extra, we work extra for them. Treating people well and doing the right thing is a priority and we want to set that example to our employees and the rest of the industry. Additionally, we work hard so we play hard; this past weekend, over three days, we took our employees on a dinner cruise, private tours on an Island (Galveston), ate really well, played volleyball and we trained together for eight hours. That’s the Tranquil Clinical Research way!

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