Tranquil Clinical Research Training Mantra

Improving Clinical Trials by improving the people who work on them. A company may have the most state-of-the-art systems, the best leadership, layers of management but the folks doing the work must know what they are doing, be valued and be well supported to do it well. At Tranquil Clinical Research our staff is the most well trained and supported in the industry. We provide mandatory monthly training on CFR/GCP, Protocol, Indication and Regulatory topics. We touch it once; when we do something, we do it right the first time. We work proactively to fix a problem before it occurs and if an issue arises, we work with our staff immediately to ensure we do the right thing. Twice a year we meet in person and enjoy each other’s company for three full days. At the last day we train for 8-9 hours. Furthermore, for every new indication our team works on; we bring in a Medical Doctor that is an expert in that field to train our team and ensure that they become the indication experts to work on our studies. Lastly oversight; our leadership team is so attentive, adaptive and flexible to our clients needs and our employees. If you want a successful clinical trial you must invest the time, attention, resources and funds to those who do the work. That’s the Tranquil Clinical Research Way!

Tranquil Clinical Research is in the business of innovation, servicing sponsors, patients and clients through clinical trials.


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