Study Start-up

Launching a new drug or medical device can be a complex and expensive process. The majority of project efforts will go towards clinical development and research.

Study Start-up

Tranquil Clinical Research utilizes gap analysis to evaluate and prevent barriers to efficient deployment of clinical trials. We focus on these key components to ensure rapid study startup:

  • Protocol analysis/modification
    • Study Design is compatible with endpoints
    • Defined dataset is sufficient for analysis
    • Protocol requirements align with study budget
  • Identification of investigators/study sites
    • Investigator qualifications
    • Cost of services at site
    • Site IRB/IEC timelines
    • Site staff capabilities

Tranquil Clinical Research employs a cooperative method which emphasizes proactive planning, well defined procedures, and high-quality communication. Contact us to discuss how we can accelerate the deployment of your study!

Tranquil Clinical Research is in the business of innovation, servicing sponsors, patients and clients through clinical trials.


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