Tranquil Clinical Research Takes Center Stage at OCT 2023, Advocating for Diversity and Inclusion

Tranquil Clinical Research, represented by CEO and Founder, Karim Mohammed, and Vice President of Clinical Operations, Deborah Bates, played a pivotal role at the Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Event Series East 2023 (OCT East 2023). The event served as a dynamic platform for the clinical trials community, bringing together familiar faces and new industry enthusiasts in an atmosphere of innovation and shared expertise.

Tranquil Clinical Research emphasized the importance of inclusivity not just as a moral imperative but as a strategic approach to enhancing the quality and applicability of clinical trial results. The company recognizes that a diverse participant pool contributes to more comprehensive and relevant outcomes, ultimately advancing the understanding and application of medical advancements across different populations.

Karim Mohammed, expressed his enthusiasm for the industry’s focus on diversity at OCT East 2023. “At Tranquil Clinical Research, we believe in the transformative power of diversity in shaping the future of clinical trials. OCT East 2023 provided an ideal

platform to share our commitment and exchange ideas on how to drive positive change,” he stated.

Deborah Bates, Vice President of Clinical Operations at Tranquil Clinical Research, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the importance of diversity as a fundamental element of ethical and effective clinical trials. “Our participation in OCT East 2023 reflects our dedication to leading the industry towards a more equitable and effective future for clinical research,” she affirmed.

Tranquil Clinical Research’s active role at OCT East 2023 mirrors the broader industry trend of recognizing and rectifying historical underrepresentation in clinical trials. As the dialogue on diversity and inclusion gains momentum, organizations like Tranquil Clinical Research are at the forefront, setting the standard for a more inclusive and impactful future in clinical research.

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