Tranquil Clinical Research Receives Department of Defense Awards and Celebrates a Decade of Excellence

In a dual celebration of achievement and commitment, Tranquil Clinical Research proudly announces its reception of two esteemed awards, the Seven Seas Award and the Patriotic Employer Award, both underscoring the company’s dedication to social responsibility, community engagement, and support for military service members.

The Seven Seas Award, a symbol of excellence in supporting military service members, highlights Tranquil Clinical Research’s commitment to going above and beyond in its efforts to provide opportunities and support for those who serve in the National Guard and Reserve. This recognition serves as a testament to the company’s unwavering dedication to the well-being of those who protect and serve our nation.

Tranquil Clinical Research has also been honored with the Patriotic Employer Award, recognizing its commitment to creating a workplace environment that values and supports military personnel. This award further emphasizes the company’s ethos of inclusivity and its active initiatives to ensure that employees who are part of the National Guard and Reserve can fulfill their military duties without facing career-related challenges.

Expressing gratitude for these honors, Karim Mohammed, CEO and Founder of Tranquil Clinical Research, stated, “Receiving both the Seven Seas Award and the Patriotic Employer Award is a profound acknowledgment of our commitment to social responsibility and the well-being of those who serve our country. We are honored to contribute to the welfare of our military community and to be recognized for our dedication to creating a supportive workplace environment.”

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