ADC October 10th & 11th 2019 San Diego, CA

Tranquil Clinical Research will be attending the 10th Annual World ADC in San Diego October 10th and 11th, 2019

Where we’ll hear from 88+ industry expert speakers. They will give detailed presentations over 4 streams, 3 focused seminar days and 9 interactive workshops addressing challenges including;

  • The practical conundrums of operating an ADC clinical trial to improve biomarker and patient selection strategies
  • Understanding the relationship between payload, linker and antibody to clinically increase efficacy
  • Aligning the complex ADC supply networks for making drug product for patients to ensure an efficient Supply Chain Process
  • Using DMPK modelling to mitigate toxicities and allow for smoother translation into the clinic

Tranquil Clinical Research is in the business of innovation, servicing sponsors, patients and clients through clinical trials.


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