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According to the data by the Institute of Medicine report, “Relieving Pain in America”, there are more than 100 million persons in the United States living with chronic pain. Pain is derived from the Latin word “poena” which means “punishment”. Despite this literal translation, pain should never be perceived as a form of punishment. Pain is generally defined as the physical suffering due to an illness or injury. The difference between acute and chronic pain is important because they are treated differently.

Acute Pain

Acute pain usually begins suddenly, feels sharp and is due to some type of injury such as fracture, burn or cut lasting anywhere between a few moments or longer. It usually resolves when the cause of the pain resolves.

Chronic pain

Chronic Pain is a form of pain lasting over a long period of time. Chronic pain can persist with visible injury (such as is present with crushed vertebrae leading to a lower back pain) or without any visible injury present (as present with diabetic neuropathy). Recurring headaches, migraines and joint pains are other types of chronic pain people experience.

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